A Lot Of People Mad At Heigl

June 13, 2008 By:
A Lot Of People Mad At Heigl

Katherine Heigl
should have just kept her mouth shut. If she had kept her mouth shut she wouldn’t have most of the cast and crew mad at her for the comments she made. Earlier this week Heigl said that she withdrew her name from the Emmy ballot because she didn’t feel like she was given Emmy worthy material to be on the ballot. Naturally, that comment could be perceived in a different way and piss off some people.

A source tells Entertainment Weekly, "The show bent over backwards to accommodate her film schedule, and then she criticizes the show for lack of material?

"It's an ungrateful slap in the face to the very writers responsible for her Emmy win in the first place."

There’s definitely gonna be some beef when the cast and crew goes back on set next season. The writer’s should find a creative way to get back at her. Maybe right a wacky storyline for her?