What Led to Kate Winslet and Her Husband's Split?

March 16, 2010 By:
What Led to Kate Winslet and Her Husband's Split?

Kate Winslet and her husband Sam Mendes shocked everyone yesterday as they announced that they have split after 6 years of marriage.

So what went wrong? There are reports that their relationship was just not the same after they made Revolutionary Road together.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Working and living together was incredibly intense and basically overwhelmed their relationship.

"The pair have a very different work ethos - Sam wanted to switch off after a long day and Kate liked to analyse every nuance of her performance. It was just too much."

The breakup however, does not come as a surprise to the people close to them because apparently they have been separated for some time.

One pal said: "They have been living separately for a while. There had been some huge rows behind closed doors before they decided to formally separate."

Kate and Sam have not been seen together since last June.

Meanwhile, Kate is not hiding after the announcement of her breakup. She was photographed vacationing with her children in Mexico and she seemed to be in great spirits.