Leo Helping Kate Winslet Get Through Divorce

March 17, 2010 By:
Leo Helping Kate Winslet Get Through Divorce

Just days after Kate Winslet announced her split from her husband of six years, Sam Mendes, we're getting word that her good pal Leonardo DiCaprio is helping her cope with her divorce.

Kate has reportedly turned to Leo for support because her marital problems started when she was filming 'Revolutionary Road' with Leo and her director husband.

A source told The Sun newspaper: “Leonardo and Kate have been like brother and sister since they starred in ‘Titanic’ together. And since Kate’s marriage problems started, around the time they were filming ‘Revolutionary Road’, they’ve got closer again. Kate feels like she can tell Leonardo anything.

"They were thrust into stardom together and were the only people who knew what the other was going through. He's been a rock for her."

As you may recall when Kate finally won the Best Actress award at the Academy Awards, she thanks Leo and didn't mention her husband's name. Their marriage was reportedly already on the rocks during that time.

Meanwhile, Kate's enjoying some fun in the sun with close friends and her children in Mexico. We were a little surprised to hear the marriage was over, but when you break it down, we should have seen it coming.