Kate Winslet Dating Richard Branson's "Rocknroll" Nephew?

September 23, 2011 By:
Kate Winslet Dating Richard Branson's

First Kate Winslet saved Richard Branson's 90-year-old mother from a house fire but now she's supposedly dating Branson's Nephew? Somebody wants a piece of the airplane tycoon real bad.

Ned Rocknroll, and yes that's his legal name, his birth name was Abel Smith which is totally embarrassing so his changed it to the far less-embarrassing, Ned Rocknroll. Anyways, after Kate Winslet vacationed at Richard Branson's Necker island home last month she apparently found a connection with Ned who was also staying at Necker Island at the same time.

Oh but the plot thickens. Kate went to Necker Island with her boyfriend, Burberry model Louis Dowler, but apparently ditched him for the rocknroll'a. Okay, that is such a dumb name. Whatever. Ned, also is a married man. He recently separated from his 23 year old wife, heiress Eliza Cowdray and went to Necker Island to get over the break-up.

"Ned was heartbroken and went to Necker to take his mind off things," says a source.

But apparently he couldn't take his mind off things because he was too busy focusing on Kate Winslet. "When Kate came out they really hit it off," the source tells The Sun.

Ned's estranged wife is super young but he was "totally smitten" with Kate because she's shaped like a Russian nesting doll and is mature and stuff.

"When he met Kate, he realized she was a real grown up and was attracted to her maturity. He also liked the fact she was a little bit older. He finds her incredibly sexy."

Duh, everyone find Kate incredibly sexy. A baby with a subscription to US Weekly could have told you that.

Kate and Ned have been spotted together the other day at the memorial service for Mr. Branson's father Ted at the Royal Geographical Society's headquarters in Kensington, London.

This isn't the first time the two had met, since Kate is friends with the Branson's, she has met him before on the island, but both were in serious relationships. Apparently, Kate's BF Louis Dowler was just eye candy and Ned's wife is not a big deal anymore?

Kate's rep was reached for comment and stated, "As usual, I am making no comment on Kate's private life."

However, Kate's model boyfriend was noticeably absent from the Emmy Awards this weekend. What kind of boyfriend makes his woman go to an awards show alone?

Who knows if this is true, but Kate Rocknroll has a horrible ring to it.