Jon Voight: Kate Winslet Deserved the Oscar

February 23, 2009 By:
Jon Voight: Kate Winslet Deserved the Oscar

Angelina may have lost the Best Actress award to Kate Winslet Sunday night at the Academy Awards, but if you ask her father Jon Voight, he isn't the least bit surprised.

According to Jon, his daughter Angelina Jolie, who won the Best Supporting Oscar in 1999 for Girl, Interrupted, was even convinced Kate was going to take home the Oscar.

Voight said, "It was Kate's night, as Angie had said actually - she said she thought it was gonna be Kate's night and it's wonderful to see.

"Ange is a pro, she knows what's going on, she's been there before, she's gotten the award before. She's an experienced person and she knows that it can go any way. All of them have to be prepared... (even) Winslet said she was practicing to look dignified if she lost."

Were you surprised Kate took home the Oscar? She's been nominated six times and it was her first win. In case you missed the big show, you can check out the nights winners here.