Kate Walsh: I'm a Childless Loser

March 21, 2011 By:
Kate Walsh: I'm a Childless Loser

Kate Walsh recently told More magazine that she “feels like a loser” for not having a family.

I’m sure there are plenty of reasons for Kate Walsh to feel like a loser, but not having a kid shouldn’t be one of them.

"I would definitely love to be a parent. But I definitely don't think I want to do it on my own ... I thought I'd be married and have three or four kids."

At 43, the ex-Gray’s Anatomy actress now stars in the TV show Private Practice. She’s embracing her age and says she doesn’t diet.

“I do Pilates, and hike with my dog. As you get older, everything changes. Everything starts getting … looser. But I think it's important to accept that. I'm lucky. I've got pretty good genes. But I think it’s a weird thing to fight it.

I like how “I’ve got good genes” is the new way of saying “I think I’m the sh-t”.