Shameless Jimmy Fallon Does 'Cat Daddy' With Kate Upton

June 21, 2012 By:

Most people probably can’t say that they Google “Kate Upton’s boobs” as part of their job description. Thanks to my tireless Internet skills, we bring you Kate Upton scantily clad and dancing for the Internet. Again.

Kate Upton made an appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon which was the best/worst idea ever. For starters, Jimmy Fallon can barely get through ANY interview without giggling and hyperventilating. Put a barely legal hot blonde with boobs in front of him and it was nearly unbearable to watch.

Fallon stutters through the interview as he tells the model, “Holy mackerel! Holy moly! You look very very beautiful, I’m speechless…I see you everywhere, it’s a great face to see.”

To which Upton awkwardly responds with a “thanks.”

The point of the interview was not so much to interview Upton, but to get her to dance. The girl proved her Internet worth by doing the “Dougie” at an L.A. Clippers game last year and then stripped down to a string bikini to do the “Cat Daddy” in a video by photographer Terry Richardson.

Fallon asked if she would teach him how to do the “Cat Daddy” to which she responds, “Why else am I here?”

She then teaches Jimmy how to “Cat Daddy” which she explains by demonstrating the moves - “buckling the seatbelt” and “rolling the wheelchair.”

Dressed in a polka dot dress, the model’s Late Night "Cat Daddy" was far more conservative than her "Cat Daddy" video online.

While guys everywhere shut down the Internet trying to find Upton dancing in her bikini, the model decided that the sultry video wasn’t racy at all.

“Well I did it in my Sports Illustrated bikini, and that was on newsstands, so it had to have been appropriate?” the model deadpans to Fallon.

Surprisingly, if Kate Upton had one wish she told GQ magazine, “I would have smaller boobs.”