Kate Upton Preps for Super Bowl with These Dances

January 29, 2014 By:
Kate Upton Preps for Super Bowl with These Dances
Image By: Terry Richardson / Terry Richardson

Kate Upton loves to dance.

Most recently, she did the “Victor Cruz salsa” while doing a photo shoot at MetLife Stadium.


Kate apparently did a great impression of Cruz, a footballer who likes to salsa dance on the field.

Pardon our non-sports knowledge; the only athletes we care about are the ones who are married to Gisele Bundchen. 


The likeness is uncanny.


But Kate has been dancing at sporting events since the beginning of time.

Her performance of the “cat daddy” at a basketball game was basically her society debut.


It launched her into viral-dancing fame!

Remember the now-infamous Terry Richardson-directed “Cat Daddy Featuring Kate Upton.”


One more time?



She even dances with her clothes on!


And she does whatever this is…


Kate Upton is a dancing machine!