Kate Upton Is NOT Crushing On 'One Direction' Harry Styles

August 3, 2012 By:
Kate Upton Is NOT Crushing On 'One Direction' Harry Styles

In today's edition of "One Direction Rumor Control" - Liam Payne might be getting hitched and bikini model Kate Upton has a crush on Harry Styles?

Liam Payne of UK boyband One Direction and his girlfriend Danielle Peazer are getting pretty serious, so serious in fact that he wants to marry her?! Soon!

Teenage marriages must be a new trend because UK tabloid The Sun is reporting that Liam attended a wedding over the weekend for his friend and all the One Direction guys talked about how Liam and Danielle are the next of their friends to walk down the aisle.

“Liam and Danielle are already talking about serious commitment. He’s got it all worked out already – he’s really mature for his age,” a source told the newspaper.

“The boys were joking that he would be next [to get married] and he didn’t deny it,” the source adds.
Well, this particular tabloid is known for spewing lies so we had to check Liam’s twitter account to see if he’s addressed the “rumors” and coincidentally he did!

Since most of young Hollywood is already coupled up, I’m not sure who little girls have left to crush on…oh wait, Harry Styles, arguably the standout heartthrob of One Direction, is single. Well, not for long.

According to the same newspaper, Kate Upton was recently shown a group photo of One Direction and asked who she thought was the cutest and she picked Harry Styles. Apparently, the two are going to “meet up” at the MTV VMA awards next month.

Does it mean Kate has a crush on Harry? Not necessarily.

A source very close to the model told Hollyscoop that the story in The Sun is totally false.

“They have not been in communication at all,” says the source, “There are no plans - she is not even confirmed to attend the VMA’s yet.”

So there ya go!