Kate Upton Goes Topless For Vogue

December 20, 2012 By:
Kate Upton Goes Topless For Vogue


Kate Upton, I mean, Boob Upton, because that’s essentially all she’s known for, has just ditched her clothes for a photoshoot for Vogue Germany.

You know, I also said I can’t wait to see Kate Upton in something other than a bikini, and while I was referring to clothes, I guess this technically qualifies.

Kate lounges on an inflatable pool toy in white vintage bathing suit bottoms and covering her money makers with her hands.

Somewhere out there Terry Richardson is hiding out at a Motel 6, looking at this photo, and cursing himself for not making her take her top off in that Cat Daddy video

That being said, Kate Upton still looks hot as she always does, because I’m pretty sure that’s a requirement for being a Sports Illustrated model, it’s just crazy how Kate has crossed over into the world of “high fashion.” Usually the pages of Vogue are filled with pale stick versions of women with teased hair who use their bodies as human hangers.

Well, if the world ends tomorrow, at least you saw Kate Upton with her shirt off, ya perverts!

If you want to see that photo in action, check out the video below. Also, this video has something for everyone. Half naked dudes and half naked Kate Upton. Guys, girls, and gays…enjoy.