Cat Daddy Creators The Rej3ctz: We Want Kate Upton In Our Next Video!

May 3, 2012 By:
Cat Daddy Creators The Rej3ctz: We Want Kate Upton In Our Next Video!

Kate Upton broke the Internet on Tuesday when she wore a tiny bikini and did her best impression of the “Cat Daddy” dance move.

While the world was captivated by Kate’s moves some of us wondered who these “Cat Daddy” pioneers were. Meet The Rej3ctz, the rap collective behind the “Cat Daddy,” who name Chris Brown and as some of their other "Cat Daddy" tribute stars.

Hollyscoop chatted with The Rej3ctz and it’s safe to say they are very impressed with Kate Upton’s bikini version of the "Cat Daddy."

“She was definitely feelin’ it. She was on her own. She is fire! Oh my god, let me stop, cause I’m gonna get Sports Illustrated…” Mowii, one third of The Rej3ctz, tells Hollyscoop.

He then jokes, “They have to call me for her next shoot, cause I am the only one she can shoot with from here on.”

Now that they know Kate is a fan, what about a collaboration on their next music video?

“I’ve actually reached out [to her],” says Mowii, “I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag, I don’t want to let the Cat Daddy out of the bag. But it might just happen…we’re hoping to hear back from her. We’re not hoping, we know we’re gonna hear back from her.”

Pee W33, the 2nd Rej3ctz star, tells us, “Kate is beautiful and her moves, excellent moves, she’s the dopest. Hands down.”

It’s obvious something is in the works between Kate and The Rej3ctz, “If you could see my dollar signs, you could see it in my eyes. I love it, I don’t want to say too much about it but..Ching! Ching!” says Mowii.

We know she looks great, but how accurate is her Cat Daddy?

“She actually executed it right,” says Mowii, “She put her own little creez on it.”

Kate Upton isn’t the only celeb to try her hand at the Cat Daddy. Chris Brown is actually in the official “Cat Daddy” music video.

Mowii tells us that Justin Bieber has done his version of the Cat Daddy too, “who else…Rihanna. I was with her in the club last night and she was [doing the cat daddy]. Ray J, called me and said I heard you got a new dance.”