Unauthorized Kate Moss Biography Coming

November 5, 2008 By:
Unauthorized Kate Moss Biography Coming

Laura Collins, a senior reporter for the UK Mail on Sunday has penned an unauthorized biography of supermodel Kate Moss and it's full of juicy tidbits.

The book titled "Kate Moss: The Complete Picture" gives readers a peek into the scandalous life of the model. Among the claims, she writes "When Kate began modeling, she would start on champagne at 10am and take shots of neat vodka from a silver hip flask."

Immediately following her infamous split from Johnny Depp in 1998, Kate took up with actor Jason Lake and had "an out of control romance." She goes on to reveal that when Jeremy Clarkson ran into Kate at a party and said that he 'wanted her on Top Gear', she replied: "S'cuse me, mate, I don't care what type of gear you've got - I don't do drugs."

She might not be one of the brightest in the bunch, but she did manage to build a massive modeling career so she must have done something right.