Pete Doherty Wants Kate Moss Back

January 9, 2009 By:
Pete Doherty Wants Kate Moss Back

Remember Pete Doherty? He gained instant fame by dating Kate Moss a while back, and now that no one cares to write about him anymore, he wants her back.

The couple broke up back in 2007 (has it really been that long?) but he's still reportedly struggling to get over her. During a recent gig in London, Petey told the audience how much he missed her and wanted her back.

The rocker reportedly said, "I miss her so much. I don't even read the papers because of her, I can't look at her. I miss Kate. I can't f**king do anything. I'm trying to become better, I'm trying."

She does have a thing for ugly dudes that look like they do way too much crack, so maybe Pete hasn't blown his chances just yet. We liked Kate better with Pete better than the new guy she's with, she's such a bore now.

Who do you think Kate should be with? Ideally she should drop both of them and date someone with a little more class, but that's obviously asking too much from the world’s most famous supermodel.