Kate Pulls A Naomi....Not Really

April 13, 2008 By:
Kate Pulls A Naomi....Not Really

It’s safe to say Kate Moss was not a happy camper at the airport a few days ago. Fortunately, she didn’t take the Naomi Campbell route and start spitting on people.

Kate Moss arrived in Los Angeles a few days ago to find out that one of her luggage’s carrying her new range of Topshop clothing which happened to be top secret was missing.

Kate is in LA for a photoshoot for the Topshop clothes that were in her luggage.

Don’t feel too bad for Kate though, because she wasn’t treated like the rest of the average people that had lost luggage’s. A source said: "Kate was caught up in the appalling scenes at T5 and just like thousands of other people experienced first hand the incompetence of BA. But unlike the rest of us, BA staff were fawning all over her. They paid £10,000 right away."

Besides getting paid a good chunk of money, 6 of the 8 luggage’s were eventually found.

This is boring! It would be cool if in a spam of one week two supermodels went nuts at the airport. That would be great entertainment. Leave it to only Naomi to entertain us!