Kate Moss Wants to Be an Author

May 26, 2009 By:
Kate Moss Wants to Be an Author

Kate Moss is already looking ahead to her future when her modeling days come to an end. Kate wants to become a novelist!

According to The Sun, Kate plans on writing a fictional book about a young model as she is thrust from obscurity into the A-list spotlight.

A source said: “Kate has been considering how she will occupy her time when the modeling work finally dries up. Writing a novel is something she has considered before.”

“With the help of a ghost writer like Louise, she is convinced she could come up with a commercially successful product that could become a great money-spinner.

She knows the modeling world inside out and all the scandal behind the scenes.”

She and Lauren Conrad should compete for who’s “fictional” book is the best! While we can’t imagine Kate’s book being a real page-turner, at least she’s trying to stay productive, and knows her modeling days are numbered.