Kate Moss Sparks Pregnancy Rumors With Baby Bump

February 12, 2009 By:
Kate Moss Sparks Pregnancy Rumors With Baby Bump

We've been hearing the rumors for months now, but could Kate Moss really be pregnant? She's staying tight lipped about the subject but her growing belly bump is speaking for itself.

The catwalk queen was pictured on Wednesday with a suspiciously swollen stomach as she left The Ivy restaurant in London after a night out with a friend.

While regular folks could probably blame the bump on too much food during dinner, Kate is infamous for her tiny figure. That's no food bump!

A spokesman for Kate refused to confirm or deny the reports and simply said, "I am afraid it is a private matter."

At this point it's basically clear as day that she's expecting. We just don't know if there will be an official confirmation about it. We might have to wait and hear about it from the baby.