Kate Moss Hates Being Famous

October 26, 2009 By:
Kate Moss Hates Being Famous

Some celebrities absolutely love the fame game. They love the constant media attention, they love the paparazzi and they love seeing themselves on the cover of tabloids. Kate Moss is not one of those celebrities.

The famed supermodel often makes headlines for her partying lifestyle and impeccable fashion sense, but aside from that, she really can't understand why people are interested in her life.

She told Observer Woman magazine: “It’s not me, it’s a character I’m made into. I have no idea why people are interested in me. I don’t like being famous. It encroaches on your life a lot.

She added, “It makes me feel a bit uncomfortable talking about it, actually. But it’s something I’m learning to deal with.”

Kate is so interesting, other celebrities actually become star struck when they're in her presence. Lindsay recently confessed that she once used Kate as a distraction so she could go unnoticed.

Lohan said, “I saw her leaving a party we were both at and was, like, ‘Go now!’ I was walking behind her. She went one way and took the photographers with her. I went straight to my car.”

Luckily for Kate she lives in London. She would absolutely hate life in LA, celebrities can't go to a grocery store, get coffee or pump gas without being hounded by 20 paps.