Kate Moss' Dirty Habit

February 28, 2008 By:
Kate Moss' Dirty Habit

Supermodels have a lot of dirty habits and Kate Moss is no exception. Moss reportedly smokes more than 30 cigarettes a day! She's basically a walking chimney.

A source told the UK's Daily Mail: "She's still on 30 a day, and can easily go through 40 if she has a night out."

"She is trying desperately to ditch the fags as they are not good for her daughter Lila Grace, and they are not doing her skin any favors either.

"At 34, Kate knows she doesn't have long at the top left, so has to try and look after herself better. She has been smoking like a chimney for years, and is finding it extremely difficult."

Moss often covers her body with nicotine patches, especially during photo shots, but it hasn't helped her kick her dirty habit. Good luck with that Kate!