Kate Moss Coming Out with Her Own Cookbook

April 7, 2009 By:
Kate Moss Coming Out with Her Own Cookbook

From fashion model to…foodie?? In a strange twist of events, Supermodel and fashion icon Kate Moss has decided to turn her focus to food.

And no, we’re not referring to the extra pounds she seems to have put on in recent months. Kate is coming out with her own cookbook. We weren’t even sure she’d tried food until recently.

Kate reportedly got the idea from her good friend Stasha Palos, who has also written her own cookbook. She thought it would a fun idea to put her own spin on the old recipe circuit.

An insider tells The Mirror, “Kate recently cooked Jamie (her boyfriend) a slap-up Jewish meal following kosher techniques from Stasha. She loves her easy-to-follow recipes. It’s all she’s been talking about.”

Kate’s apparently been trying her hand at a number of meals, from chicken noodle soup to honey cakes, and is thrilled with how easy she finds it.

Like we’ve said before. Can’t models and actresses just stick to what they’re good at? You can never trust a skinny cook anyway!