Will & Kate's Royal Baby Name Predictions

December 4, 2012 By:
Will & Kate's Royal Baby Name Predictions

When your parents are named “William” and “Kate,” and you have a whole kingdom to represent in a dignified way, don’t expect to come out of the womb with a super cool title.

In the midst of the variations of stories circling the royal couple and their recent pregnancy announcement, a new report tries to predict what the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will dub their child-to-be. And, from the sounds of it, his or her name will be about as exciting as stale box of Mini-Wheats.

According to reports, British bookies William Hill—who are apparently have enough riding on the matter to invest this much time in it—have come up with the most likely names Will and Kate will choose…

Ready? Here they are: 

If it’s a boy, the kid will go by “John.” And, if it’s a girl (which our expert psychic already predicted it would be), she’ll be a “Francis.”

The name choices apparently have a 9/1 odds of coming true. Second choices include Charles, Victoria, and George. 

“Diana”—a fan favorite after Will’s late mom—currently rests at a 12/1 odds.

In other words, don’t expect anything like “Shakira of Saxe Coburg Gotha” or “Weezy of Mountbatten.” The child’s title will likely have a lot more in common with the names of Thursday night Bingo, rather than pop music. 

Regarding the child’s surname, Hollyscoop recently spoke with royal expert Charlie Jacoby. Based on the insider’s perspective, the subject of the kid’s last name is far more dense than picking between “Paul” and “George.”

“It would take a chapter in a book to answer that one. If it's a question of tradition, the royals get to make it up,” said Jacoby. “It will probably be Mountbatten Windsor.”