Will and Kate: No Household Staff for Us Yet

June 16, 2011 By:
Will and Kate: No Household Staff for Us Yet

Don’t start trolling the UK craigslists ads just yet. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge aka Prince William and Kate Middleton have waited to hire household staff until the end of the year. A source tells Us Weekly, “New staff for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been put on hold. The move to Kensington Palace will go ahead, but just without the extra household staff. For now.”

Kate did not grow up royally like her husband, she seems like one of those roll-up-your-sleeves kind of gals. A source adds that Kate, “doesn’t want a housekeeper/dresser at Kensington Palace because she doesn’t need one right now.” What’s a dresser? Is that like a stylist that only helps you put on your clothes but doesn’t actually style the outfits? Royals, they’re not like us.

William and Kate’s private secretary states “I’ve never worked for a woman before,” he said it was a mistake to advertise for staff so soon. Don’t underestimate Catherine Middleton, she played hockey in college, she’s no delicate flower, pretty sure she can wipe up a spill or two.

However, when it comes to her hair, she does enlist some help. “The Duchess of Cambridge plans to bring hairdresser James Pryce with her on the North American tour.”

The couple will visit California with a total entourage of 7 people. A 7 person entourage? That’s a good number, not so large that the entourage makes them seem diva, but not so small they it makes the royal couple look unimportant.

When the royal couple does hire household staff, can I interview to be a hat wrangler?