Why Prince William Won't Wear a Wedding Ring

March 31, 2011 By:
Why Prince William Won't Wear a Wedding Ring

Before the breakup rumors start, the Royal family wants everyone to know why Prince William won't be wearing a wedding ring.

He won't be wearing it because...well...he just won't.

A spokeswoman at the palace said, "There is only going to be one ring, in accordance with the couple's wishes."

But fear not Royal watchers, Kate Middleton will still sport a rock.

According to People magazine, a tiny amount of gold mined from the Welsh mountains has been kept in the royal vaults since it was originally presented to William's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.

The Queen has "given a piece of the gold that has been in the family for many years to Prince William as a gift," a palace source says.

I can already see the headlines from the Globe tabloid: "The Wedding Band is Off: The Prince is leaving Kate for an Alien." That should be fun.