Which Royal Honeymoon Destination Should William and Kate Choose?

April 27, 2011 By:
Which Royal Honeymoon Destination Should William and Kate Choose?

There are a few speculations as to the whereabouts of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s honeymoon destination, but no place has been announced as of yet. All we know for sure is Prince William has two weeks off from work to enjoy his duties, and Kate was recently seen buying a few summary dresses.

Until we know where these two are planning to spend their first days as husband and wife, we’re reviewing each speculative Royal Honeymoon travel destination.

Lizard Island, Australia: There are reports that Prince William and Kate may be relaxing post-wedding on this island in the Great Barrier Reef. Last month, while speaking to Australian locals, William said, “I love scuba diving. I have always wanted to dive the Barrier Reef.”

Of course, the island is about as beautiful as you can imagine an island to be, with white sand and deep blue waters, but another plus is that it’s a fairly remote island, giving Prince William and his new bride some privacy. After a billion plus people watching them, I’m sure they could use it!

The cons? Apparently there’s no mobile phone service. But I’m not sure if you need reception to play Angry Birds, so they might be ok.

Necker Island, Caribbean: Necker Island is owned by Sir Richard Branson, face of the famous Virgin brand. When the island was purchased, it was completely uninhabited. Branson used Necker Island to put up rock stars who were on his record label.

Prince William might be considering the island due to its heightened security personnel, which limits public access to the island. His mother, Princess Diana, stayed at the resort, as did Mariah Carey, Oprah, and Steven Spielberg. The only downside is the cost: $46,000 a night! That’s a price tag only royalty can afford. And Oprah.

Branson told Hollyscoop: "I think pretty much every celebrity in the world has been there at some stage. People love to go there because they can get away they can pull up the draw bridge and have a lovely time."

If you’re not disgusted enough, Branson bought the island when he was 28 years old. (see more photos below)

Kenya: This destination is in the running because it was the place William proposed to Kate, and Prince William says it will always hold a special place in his heart. But if Will knows what’s best for him, he’ll stay away from this spot—it’s the home of his rumored ex-girlfriend’s parents, who own a wildlife conservation there. So there’s that and, of course, the heat!

With the wedding in just a few days, I’m sure Kate Middleton is dreaming of a relaxing couple of weeks before she enters the throws of the House of Windsor. Because after that, the pressure is on. If I were Kate, I’d consider hiding out somewhere on Necker Island while William’s asleep.