Where Kate and Prince William Will Stay in LA

July 6, 2011 By:
Where Kate and Prince William Will Stay in LA

Forget the Beverly Hills Hotel and Chateau Marmont, when Kate Middleton and Prince William come to Los Angeles next week they’re going to stay somewhere even more exclusive than these ritzy hotels—a private residence.

Kate and Will have already rented out a Mediterranean-style house that belongs to Dame Barbara Hay in the upscale Hancock Park area of Los Angeles.

The 7,247 square feet and boasts seven bedrooms and bathrooms, reports People magazine.

Hay, has served as the British Consul-General in Los Angeles since 2009, is often seen throwing parties celebrating British achievement. She also hosts BAFTA garden parties at her house, so it makes sense that the Duke and Duchess would stay at her house.

The paparazzi in Los Angeles, and specifically in Hancock Park, have been threatened with arrests all week long. LAPD has made it super clear: if they try to snap photos of the royal couple while they’re on private property, off to jail they go.

It’s too bad regular celebrities can’t get that kind of treatment. A paparazzi once almost ran Reese Witherspoon off the road while she had her kids in the car and police didn’t bother to do anything about it. #justsayin.