What's Next for Kate Middleton and Prince William?

July 12, 2011 By:
What's Next for Kate Middleton and Prince William?

As Prince William and Kate Middleton settle back in Anglesey after their North American tour, they are ready to get back to their normal lives and go “under the radar.”

Under the radar? Your wedding caused your sister’s butt to get its own international Facebook page. Good luck with that.

William is returning to his job as an RAF officer, where he wants to focus on building up his flying hours and techniques. Kate will be busy trying to figure out where the hell to go from here.

A palace spokesperson says: “They want to go back and have a married life together under the radar and enjoy their life in Anglesey—keeping things chilled.”

On a side note, you have to respect this spokesperson’s desperate attempt at American slang. They are keeping things chilled in their dope pad, yo. So cute.

“For the Duke, he is going for his flying captaincy which he hopes to get in early 2012 and will move from the right to the left seat. He needs to keep up his flying hours and there are some exams to get through, a lot of work needs to done and he has to dedicate himself to that.”

Kate’s interests lie in “sports therapy and arts therapy”, and she’s set to “determine what her interests are and whether she can actually make a difference.”

The couple's plans for the future include William being deployed to the Falkland Islands and both of them touring abroad to represent Queen Elizabeth's 60th anniversary of becoming a monarch.