What Prince William Got Kate Middleton For Valentine's Day

February 14, 2012 By:
What Prince William Got Kate Middleton For Valentine's Day

Kate Middleton and Prince William aren’t spending Valentine’s Day together (awwww), but he still got her some lovely gifts (awwww!).

I mean, he already gifted her the title of royalty...AND a dog, what else is there?

“Catherine had a lovely card and bouquet in the morning,” a source told Us Weekly.

The Duke of Cambridge, better known in the States as Prince William, is taking a six-week tour of duty in The Falklands, and it began on February 1. If you don’t already know, Will is a search-and-rescue pilot, and he can search-and-rescue me any day if you know what I mean. Do you? Because I’m not even sure I do.

At any rate, Prince William better watch his back, because Kate got a Valentine’s Day gift from someone else while he’s been away.

Eight year-old Jaqson Johnston-Lynch gave Kate a bouquet of red roses. Watch out, Will. Dude spells his name with a Q. Kate went to visit The Brink, an alcohol-free bar associated with Action on Addiction. I have no idea what you get when you take alcohol away from a bar, and I’m not sure I want to find out.

Actually, Action on Addiction is an organization that aims to help recovering addicts stick to their sobriety. So it makes total sense that they would put them in a bar setting. But anyway.

"Happy Valentine's Day, your Royal Highness," said Jaqson, whose mother works for the charity. "I'm sorry Prince William can't be here."

A source close to Kate recently told Us Weekly: “She misses William. It's difficult for any officer's wife to have her husband away on duty. Catherine knows time will fly if she just gets on with things."