Royal Mistakes: Will Kate Middleton Have a Happily Ever After?

April 26, 2011 By:
Royal Mistakes: Will Kate Middleton Have a Happily Ever After?

While the Queen has been married to Prince Philip for a good sixty-three years, it’s no secret that the House of Windsor has had its share of royal blunders.

Most famous is Prince William’s own parents—Princess Diana and Prince Charles, who were mismatched from the start. An eleven-year age difference made it even more difficult for these two to relate to each other. After his infidelity with now-wife Camilla Parker Bowles, the two divorced.

But Kate and William are closer in age, and Kate has already put up with her share of William’s lust for other women. Let’s just hope his eyes stay on Kate after he says, “I do.”

And then there’s Sarah Ferguson, who was infamously photographed with another man in 1992, while she was married to Prince Andrew, William’s uncle.

And more recently, Sarah was caught accepting an offer from an undercover lawyer asking for access to the prince. But it’s doubtful we’ll see similar controversy from Kate.

CBS Royal Wedding correspondent Ciara hunt says, “The whole courtship was so well managed by Kate. She held her tongue, never shouted back at the press or had a breakdown, and she always behaved with decorum and never spoke out of turn. The girl hasn’t put a foot wrong.”

So far, it doesn’t look like Kate will have to beg for any forgiveness on Oprah. Her confidentiality is said to be what got her into the family to begin with. She’s been so discreet about her relationship with Prince William; any friends that divulged information about the couples’ relationship were reportedly uninvited from the wedding.

Also axed from the list? Sarah Ferguson, of course.
Despite the Royal Family’s past, Kate might be the one to set the Windsors back on track. Kate’s relationship with her family keeps her grounded, and her education shows she’s a strong, modern woman.

If anyone can bring a fairy tale ending to the House of Windsor, it’ll be Kate.