Royal Baby Offered Starring TV Role

August 8, 2013 By:
Royal Baby Offered Starring TV Role

So here’s something babies just aren’t offered every day: starring roles on popular TV shows.

“Coronation Street,” a celebrated series watched by everyone’s British granny, has offered Prince George Alexander Louis an opportunity to join the cast of the country’s longest-running soap opera in the U.K.

Creative director John Whiston gushed to the Daily Star about having the royal family on the program, saying, “It would be fantastic to get Kate [Middleton], [Prince] William, and George there with a pair of tiny baby scissors.”

We can’t confirm with the palace, though we have a feeling Prince George is a bit wrapped up at the moment—with being a royal baby, with being the most-watched baby in the world, with BEING JUST A BABY—to pursue an acting career.

However, a royal baby that runs away from Great Britain and catches a direct flight to LA to pursue his movie star dreams is something we might watch, honestly. Don’t judge us!

The baby has been carrying on in quiet fashion, according to Us Weekly. No fanfare, no town crier. Just simple living up in Bucklebury.

“There’s no special treatment,” a family source said of the child’s first weeks. “William still has to help load the dishwasher after dinner. The same will apply to George when he’s a grown boy.”