Queen Elizabeth II Celebrates 60 Years of Royalty With Serious Class

June 5, 2012 By:
Queen Elizabeth II Celebrates 60 Years of Royalty With Serious Class

Queen Elizabeth II has spent 60 years on the British throne and it’s time to celebrate…

An extended, star-studded Diamond Jubilee has been taking place over the past four days to honor the monarch’s reign. In addition to all the famous family members attending, names like Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder and Elton John rocked an epic concert at Buckingham Palace on Monday.

The Queen watched the festivities from the Royal box. Afterward, she made her way backstage to meet and greet with all the performers. For once, it looked like the stars were star struck themselves, gasping in her powerful presence.

Will.i.am tweeted, "brit.i.am...I don't think ill ever be the same again...#iambritish."

The producer joined the stage for a duet with Jessie J and later Stevie Wonder to sing “Happy Birthday.” 

18,000 guests total gathered for the Monday concert, many without a clear view of the Queen, by simply lining the boulevard leading up to the palace. One guest missing from the massive turnout was her husband Prince Philip, who was rushed to the hospital due to a bladder infection.

In addition to stars and great music, there were fireworks and a ritual beacon lighting ceremony. 

Perhaps stealing a bit of the spotlight on Monday was the ever-fashionable Kate Middleton. The style icon wore a nude dress designed by Sarah Burton and a matching Jane Taylor hat to a service at St. Paul’s Cathedral. 

Reminiscent of her wedding day, Kate’s long-sleeved, silk and lace dress was a tribute to Alexander McQueen, a British designer who died in 2010.
All-in-all, it wasn’t a bad way or bad company to have to celebrate to milestone.