Prince William's Bizarre Way of Learning How to Change Diapers

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Prince William's Bizarre Way of Learning How to Change Diapers
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The royal palace is hustling and bustling in preparation for their upcoming infant arrival.

For father-to-be Prince William that means learning how to take care of another human life for the first time ever. He is apparently doing so not by asking his own parents for advice, but instead by watching YouTube videos.

A close, and extremely British-sounding pal of Will’s reportedly opened up about the matter to the UK’s Now magazine, particularly on the diaper changing part…

“He's even been checking out nappy-changing videos on YouTube,” the source said.

It’s hard to believe that Prince William will ever get one perfectly manicured fingernail anywhere even close to a poo-stained diaper. Especially after we caught wind of the under-paid, over-worked nanny position that the royal couple was hiring for.

The nanny’s duties include: scrubbing the floors, running errands and meal prep…

But, just in case the entire royal staff keels over, the prince will be ready for the diaper changing task force. 

The source added: “Prince Harry thinks it's hysterical and can't stop making fun of him, but it's all good spirited.”

Also, it should be noted that Prince William has been singing to Kate Middleton’s baby bump, which is just way too adorable to not mention.