Prince William and Kate Middleton: Ready for a Baby

July 4, 2011 By:
Prince William and Kate Middleton: Ready for a Baby

Kate Middleton and Prince William are still enjoying the honeymoon phase of their relationship-and apparently that includes baby making.

Just two months after tying the knot, Kate already has babies on her mind.

During a Sunday visit to Quebec's Freedom of the City Ceremony, Kate greeted fans and well wishers and confessed she would like to start her own family soon.

Kate was chatting with a two year old local child named Raffaela and her dad David. "When I wished her and William well with starting their own family she said "Yes, I hope to."

She was talking to fans outside the City Hall where Prince William had delivered a short speech entirely in French.

One woman from Ohio got a special treat when she randomly came across the royal couple while visiting. "It just made this trip so much more exciting," she said. "I watched the wedding, but I wasn't that excited. But seeing them in the flesh is different. She's a princess and everybody wants to be one."

Later that same day Kate stopped by Maison Dauphine, a shelter for homeless youth. Check back for more on the royal couples trip to Canada and LA.