Prince William and Kate Middleton Don’t Know Sex of Royal Baby

June 19, 2013 By:
Prince William and Kate Middleton Don’t Know Sex of Royal Baby

You can stop asking the Palace about the details regarding Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal baby because they know as much as you do, gender-wise.

Sources close to the Duchess reveal to the Daily Mail that the couple doesn’t want to know the sex of the baby and prefer to be surprised.

So you can throw all those conspiracies regarding the impromptu Mad Lib Kate muttered (“I’ll take a teddy for my d…”) a few months ago out the window with the bathwater.

What we can expect is how the world will receive the official news of the baby—a traditional bulletin signed by the royal medical posted on a wooden easel at the entry of the Buckingham Palace courtyard, followed by an electronic announcement.

From a royal spokesperson: “We wanted to retain some of the theatre of the notice. It is quite important to us that this is done properly and with the degree of dignity that the event demands.

"This is the birth of a child who will be in line to the throne. It is a rare occasion and it is nice to be able to do it with some historical precedence.

"While it is a deeply personal and private event, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge realize this is a time of national celebration and that there will be vast interest in the baby. They realize many people will want to share in their happiness."