Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton Named Royal Godparents

December 5, 2012 By:
Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton Named Royal Godparents

Now that Kate Middleton is preggo with the royal eggo (Juno anyone?) many (i.e. us) are wondering who the Royal Godparents are going to be.

**Fingers Crossed** We hope it’s David and Victoria Beckham!

Nope, royal experts suspect that Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry will be named the Godparents.

“Kate is very close to her sister, Pippa, and William is infinitely, in the same way, close to Prince Harry. So, they are the obvious choice,” says ABC News’ royal contributor Victoria Arbiter Brown.

Obviously they both will be named Aunt and Uncle and how cool is this kid that he/she gets to have an Uncle Prince Harry!?!? We all know who the FUN Uncle is!!!

Brown also adds that, “[Pippa and Harry] were the best man and the chief bridesmaid at their wedding, they’re well-trusted, they’re family.”

Also, they need to pick a royal and a non-royal godparent so it makes perfect sense to use their siblings. That being said, British people tend to have a ton of Godparents. For example, Elton John has like 12 godkids. 

Apparently Prince William has “legions” of godparents “many from foreign royal families, many within his own family” and William even has “quite a few godchildren himself.”

That being said, neither Pippa nor Harry has said anything about the pregnancy news. Pippa is busy promoting her party planning book, “Celebrate.”

Yes, a party planning book is much more important than the would-be future Queen of England!

And Harry is busy being a chopper pilot in Afghanistan, but he reportedly called Kate in the hospital to send her his congratulations.