Police Suspect Kate Middleton Topless Pics Were "Inside Job"

September 24, 2012 By:
Police Suspect Kate Middleton Topless Pics Were

British police are investigating what we're calling Kate-Gate (the Kate Middleton Topless Photo scandal) and some consider that it might be an “inside job.”

How did the photographer know exactly where to take the photos? Some say the intrusion was too perfect that it had to have been a Royal insider.

Most likely, the photographer is a member of the staff (or was tipped off by staff) at the French chateau where the couple was staying.

Police are now questioning the entire staff at the Chateau D’Autet, they want to know how the photographer knew exactly where to take the photos. Also, back when the photos leaked, some said that the photos were taken half a mile away from where Kate was staying, meaning…without very expensive lenses, no passing paparazzi would have seen Kate and William with his eyes alone.

Police are combing the area where the photographer was standing when he took the pics as if it were a crime scene! They are looking for clues and DNA traces that might have been left behind.

“The [crime scene] will be visited by detective who will then have to work out how the photographer came to be there – who alerted him to the presence of the royal couple and where he took the pictures from,” a source told The Sun.

The “sexy” (?) pictures were first published by French “Closer” magazine. They have since been published by four other magazine but the Royal Palace sued and so far has won an injunction against Closer magazine for ever publishing those photos again.

A criminal investigation is underway to find and prosecute the photographer.