Nude Photos of Heidi Klum Leaked- Plans to Sue

September 20, 2012 By:
Nude Photos of Heidi Klum Leaked- Plans to Sue

It’s another day of naked celebrity debauchery…

Heidi Klum is the latest star to strip down and get photographed against her will. Consistent with France’s recent obsessive with exposing private parts, the nude shots were published in a French magazine and later leaked on several websites.

The photos depict a scene of the reality TV star and her now infamous boyfriend bodyguard, as they lounge in the sun.

According to reports, the couple was vacationing in the south of France at the time that the photos were taken.

Klum and her tatted-up protector squirt suntan lotion and liberally rub it on to each other. The buffy beau wears board shorts, as Klum remains topless in a skimpy pair of black bikini bottoms.

TMZ reports that Heidi is not happy about the leak and her camp is currently on the hunt for the source of the photos.

À la Kate Middleton, Klum is claiming that her privacy was violated in the shots. She is comparing the incident to that of the Duchess’, saying that the pictures were taken at a private beach.

Heidi will reportedly stifle her rage for the time being, waiting to see how Kate’s trial plays out before taking action.

The “Project Runway” star has been making headlines lately for her messy split from her husband Seal. The “Kiss From a Rose” singer claims she was bumping uglies with the bodyguard before they were officially separated.

We’ll see how the topless drama unfolds… In the meantime, if you're a celebrity visiting France anytime soon, best to keep your clothes on for now….

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