Newsweek Cover: Princess Diana Walking with Kate Middleton

June 28, 2011 By:
Newsweek Cover: Princess Diana Walking with Kate Middleton

Their covers are notoriously sensationalist, but this is a bit much. I guess it’s been a slow week, so Newsweek is photoshopping their own drama.

The magazine has reanimated Princess Diana, fifty years old, and planted her in various present-day scenarios. First, they show her walking with Kate Middleton, then, they give her a Facebook page, and in another photo, she’s carrying an iPhone.

The creepiness of this can only be matched by an encounter I had with a homeless woman who told me to look at her “baby” only to show me a Cabbage Patch Kid. I’m pretty sure the insanity in that woman comes from the same place as the people interested in reanimating Princess Diana.

The mag boasts “what might have been” if Princess Diana’s fatal car crash never occurred. Newsweek speculates that she would be living in New York, getting regular botox injections, and having “undercover trysts”. And if that’s not enough, they predict she would be jealous of Prince William’s popular new bride. Right now, someone at the National Enquirer is shouting, “Thank God, there’s a new rag in town!”

I guess there’s the appeal of wondering what might have been. But if these pictures are normal, then why did my friends give me a hard time for photoshopping my face onto Megan Fox’s body and using it as my Facebook profile pic?