New Details on the Royal Baby’s Baptism

July 26, 2013 By:
New Details on the Royal Baby’s Baptism

The next time the world is set to get a really good glimpse of the royal baby, George Alexander Louis, is at his christening about a month from now, around late August or early September.

In step with previous generations, the new parents, Kate Middleton and Prince William, are set to follow tradition regarding the baptism ceremony.

The occasion, which takes place at Buckingham Palace in the Music Room, is reserved for about 60 relatives and friends, but photographers are generally also invited to attend.

Those present will witness the Archbishop of Canterbury baptize Prince George with holy water from the River Jordan. After the anointing, the service will close with a series of hymns.

One historical detail unique to the British Royal family is that every royal child since 1841 has worn the same lace-and-silk robe that Queen Victoria’s son, King Edward VII first wore. After six succeeding generations, Queen Elizabeth II had a replica created in 2008.

Prince William and Kate will offer their own spin on the reception of the christening by serving the top tier of their wedding cake, which they froze in April 2011, to share with guests at the gathering.