Most Extreme Royal Wedding Celebrations

April 28, 2011 By:
Most Extreme Royal Wedding Celebrations

We're all very excited about the Royal Wedding, but there's something about fanfare that just seems to bring the crazies out of the woodwork.

Remember the warlock who put a curse on Charlie Sheen? That's the kind of crazy I'm talking about—not the people who are just really, really excited—the people who are pretty much freaks to begin with and just need a reason to let out the crazy.

So, in celebration of the fanfare, Hollyscoop has found three people who are paying tribute to the Royal Wedding in the most extreme way.

Barmy Baz Franks: The 29 year-old plumber had Prince William and Kate's face tattooed on his teeth. ”I love the Royal Family and this was my way of lending my support to their Big Day.” The Royal Family seriously needs to be on alert for this guy. I think the press is assuming he's going to be a serial killer, because they've already taken the liberty of referring to him by three names.

Teresa Cunningham: She scheduled time off of work and purchased tickets to London to watch Prince William and Kate's Royal Wedding in person. The only problem? No one was available to cover for her at work, so they gave her an ultimatum: Go to London, or lose your job. She chose to go to the Royal Wedding. But come on, this is a once in a lifetime chance! She has the rest of her life to collect unemployment and live alone in squalor. The only question now is, who will watch her cats?

Estibalis Chavez: She wanted to attend the royal wedding so badly, she staged a 16-day hunger strike outside Mexico City's British Embassy. Finally, some lobbyist loaned her $1,250 to fly to London. “All this effort is worth it if I make it to London," Chavez said. "I hope they don't consider me a danger. I simply want to attend the wedding and I don't intend to bother anybody.” Oh, no, threatening to slowly kill yourself unless you're given money is no bother at all.

If there's ever a time to take celebrating to the extreme, it's for a Royal Wedding. My "extreme" celebrating involves Pimms and some cucumber sandwiches. But starving to death and tattooing your teeth makes that look like child's play.