Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress Designer Revealed

April 28, 2011 By:
Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress Designer Revealed

Alexander McQueen have denied up and down that they have anything to do with designing Kate Middleton's wedding dress, but could it be possible that they lied to the media (gasp!)?

Jonathan Akeroyd, CEO of Alexander McQueen, previously said, "I'm the CEO, I would know if we were doing it." Woah, retract those claws, buddy. We were only asking.

Kate Middleton Doing Her Own Makeup for Royal Wedding

But on Wednesday, a mysterious woman hiding her face with a fur hood checked into Kate Middleton's hotel in Belgravia, and reports are identifying her as Sarah Burton, creative director of the Alexander McQueen label. Three hours later, Kate arrived at the hotel.

Burton was originally rumored as the designer, but denied the claim to Vogue. If it's true, she's going to have a big fruit basket to send. Not that she could do much about it; whoever is designing Kate's dress is sworn to secrecy and is not to leak any information to the press.

A royal wedding fan said, "She ducked right down and ran in as quick as you like. The whole thing was in under half a second. It was very odd. If that’s not Sarah Burton, I’ll eat my hat."

As much as I'd like to see someone actually eat a hat, chances are it was Burton. The woman was wearing silver studded belt, which Burton has been seen in before, and Burton's designs at Paris Fashion week included the very oversized fur hoods the "unidentified" woman was wearing.

While Kate has taken charge in nearly every aspect of her appearance for the wedding—including contributing to the design process—if she is indeed going with McQueen, expect a striking, dramatic gown. Alexander McQueen and St. James Palace have declined to comment.