Kate Middleton's Head Scar Revealed

October 27, 2011 By:
Kate Middleton's Head Scar Revealed

After going solo to a charity event at Clarence house last night, close up images of the Duchess of Cambridge reveal a scar on the side of her head near her hairline.

At first glance, some thought it was proof that Kate Middleton had started wearing hair extensions. However, that scar was not a track in her weave but rather "a scar from a childhood operation" as confirmed by a Palace spokesperson to People.

The palace sources would not elaborate on the details for privacy reasons.

But Kate Middleton isn't the only pretty face with an unsightly scar.

Prince William: When he was 13 he was left with a scar on his forehead after an accident with a golf club. In an interview in 2009, William said, "That was for my Harry Potter scar, as I call it, just here. I call it that because it glows sometimes and some people notice it - other times they don't notice it at all."

Tina Fey: Tina Fey is a funny lady with a not-so-funny story about how she got that scar near her chin. When she was 5 she was approached by a stranger in her front yard who walked up to young Tina and violently cut her cheek.

Harrison Ford: In the Indiana Jones films, Harrison Ford's character has a scar on his chin that is explained as a result of misusing his whip. In reality, he got the scar when he was 20 years old when he was involved in a serious car accident.

Mary J. Blige: Mary J. Blige has a pretty large scar near left eye and she's always been very secretive about it's origins, though she does say she's never been ashamed of it. "If I don't accept the scar on my face, the lips that God gave me, the big giant feet, the long legs, whatever it is that I'm deformed with, I got to love it so everybody else can love it. And I started loving it," she says.

Joaquin Phoenix: The actor has a scar on his upper lift that many assume to be because of a cleft lip surgery. However, he was just born that way. I think it makes him look edgy, so it's all good.

Sandra Bullock: You probably wouldn't notice it because she usually wears large necklaces to cover it up, but actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has a large scar on her neck that's the result of a tracheotomy performed when she was a young girl.

Sharon Stone: The actress has a large scar on her neck that apparently occurred as a result of a horseback riding incident. The scar is so famous, it used to have it's own website dedicated to it.