Kate Middleton's Family Invited To Royal Christmas

December 20, 2012 By:
Kate Middleton's Family Invited To Royal Christmas

For the first time ever, non-royals have been invited to the exclusively royal Christmas celebration!

What’s next!? Animals!?

After rumors that Kate Middleton was going to spend Christmas at her parents home and NOT at the annual royal gathering at the Sandringham Estate, Queen Elizabeth II has extended an invitation to Kate’s parents Carole and Michael Middleton to come celebrate Christmas with the royals!

O. M. G. This is a big deal. This goes against decades of tradition. I guess they were really worried Kate wouldn’t spend the holidays with the royal family unless they invited her parents. 

A source told Us Weekly that the Queen thinks inviting Kate’s parents will help her enjoy the holidays more “despite this difficult time,” aka her terrible morning sickness. 

Apparently Kate’s morning sickness is so bad that she hasn’t committed to ANY holiday plans and probably wont until the day of!

“It depends on how she feels” says a royal insider, “And if Catherine doesn’t go, William probably won’t either.”

For the regular person, we’re probably like “she’s sick, let her stay home” but since the royals are all stuffy and tradition is more important than anything, they are probably freaking out that Kate might not participate in the royal festivities.

Can they skype her in?