Kate Middleton's Due Date Revealed

December 5, 2012 By:
Kate Middleton's Due Date Revealed

Another update from the British baby battlegrounds…

As Kate Middleton’s stomach is reportedly recovering following her “acute morning sickness,” word on the street is that she’s prepping for a July birth.

The news has arrived via Jessica Hay, a personal friend of the Duchess, who predicted to Life & Style that we’ll see a baby in the early days of the warm weather.

According to the insider report, Kate is “seven to eight weeks along.”

“She’s due in July, which is a month full of significance for William,” said Hay. “His mother, Diana, was born on July 1, and his parents got married on July 29.”

This, of course, after Hollyscoop already confirmed a similar story with psychic Jayne Wallace.

“I like April, May and June of next year,” Wallace told HS. “I just see a lot of celebration so it'll be a new princess for the royal family.”

The source went on to Life & Style with more info to back the her July prediction.

“Catherine’s been steadily putting weight on since April this year and hasn’t been drinking for a good few months — they’ve been preparing all summer,” said Hay. “It was decided that they’d try at the tail-end of the royal tour in September, and that’s when it happened!”

Hay has known Kate since she was 14 years-old. The girls attended school in Marlborough together.

As we previously reported, Kate officially announced her pregnancy on Monday. The friend notes that Kate still looks good in the early days.

“The difference in Catherine is already tremendous,” said Hay. “Her face is already fuller. She really is glowing.”