Kate Middleton's Cell Phone, Bank Account Hacked

June 9, 2011 By:
Kate Middleton's Cell Phone, Bank Account Hacked

Blake Lively, you have company. Kate Middleton might be royalty, but that didn't stop her from being hacked by Private Investigator Jonathan Rees. Duchess Kate had her cell phone and bank accounts infiltrated while she was dating Prince William.

Rees targeted a handful of other English celebs, including Prime Minister Tony Blair, Eric Clapton, Mick Jagger, George Michael, and Sienna Miller. And speaking of hacks, the guy was working for Fox News figurehead Rupert Murdoch at the time.

Unfortunately for Rees, the Middleton family has so painstakingly avoided any controversy or scandal, the only thing he likely found on Kate's phone was a picture of William and maybe a Mahjong app.

Rees worked for the Mirror Group as well as News of the World and is also accused of hiring a specialist computer hacker to get information about M16 agents who infiltrated the Provisional IRA. Several journalists and editors have already been arrested for being connected to this scandal.

Prince William and Kate are planning a trip to Southern California, and some of the details are surfacing. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the couple plans to be in the States from July 8 to July 10, with their final itinerary being announced June 14. Only two days? That's barely enough time to hold up traffic in a two decker bus tour and get in the way of people trying to walk down Hollywood and Highland because they want to take a picture with Michael Jackson's star.

So far, there are reportedly plans for the royals to visit the Beverly Hilton hotel as well as the British Consul General's home in Hancock Park.