Kate Middleton Won't Spend Christmas With the Queen

December 17, 2012 By:
Kate Middleton Won't Spend Christmas With the Queen


It’s the season to be cheery and bright, but Kate Middleton isn’t feeling so merry.

The Duchess of Cambridge could possibly go against age old tradition—gasp!—this year and remove herself from the annual holiday celebrations at Sandringham Estate where the Royal Family spend Christmas every December 25.

Instead of breaking £200 crumpets and having aides unwrap her presents, Kate is likely to retreat to her own family. As well reported, Kate has been under the weather with acute morning sickness ever since announcing her pregnancy.

Kate went through that whole song and dance last year and doesn’t need the added stress of a huge all-eyes-on-us itinerary. Her and her husband (some guy named Prince William?) spent their entire Christmas golden handcuffed to the Queen, Prince Charles and Camilla, and other gilded faces.

They attended St. Mary Magdalene church services, an estate lunch, present swapping, and some novelty party games. It’s a full day where Kate would’ve been expected to have a costume change for each new activity, and that doesn’t sound too fun, and the idea of a corset is pretty vomit-inducing itself for a woman pregnant with child and aggressive morning sickness.

It’s not like her own family comes second choice to Kate. She’s really close to her mom, dad, brother, and Pippa and their company could be the best medicine. It’s been a troubling and tragic few weeks for the U.K., specifically after the hospital prank call that ended with a suicide from Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse who was duped into transferring the call. Her funeral was held in south India this morning.