Kate Middleton Victim of Hospital Crank Call

December 5, 2012 By:
Kate Middleton Victim of Hospital Crank Call


Despite Kate Middleton’s reported monster morning sickness, she’s now feeling better. In case you haven’t turned on ANY morning news show since Monday, the Duchess of Cambridge has this thing called hyperemesis gravidarum, which is rare but is basically the worst possible morning sickness ever.

But official Palace news tells us that Kate “feels better.” However, she’s still in the hospital.

As Kate continues to be treated at London’s King Edward VII Hospital, a Palace spokesperson says, “The Duchess of Cambridge is continuing to feel better. She and the duke are immensely grateful for the good wishes they have received. She will remain in hospital at present.”

Yesterday, Prince William spent six hours by her bedside and when he exited the building he was caught with a smile on his face by paparazzi cameras, which we hoped meant that Kate was doing better.

In related news, some prank callers pretending to be the Queen called up the hospital to ask about Kate Middleton and because hospital staff thought the caller WAS Queen Elizabeth, they released information about Kate’s health condition to the crank caller.

Seriously, would Queen Elizabeth just bust out her iPhone and call the hospital? No, I’m pretty sure Prince Charles or William or ANY of the royal informants would have told her what’s going on with Kate.