Kate Middleton Shows Off Growing Baby Bump

February 19, 2013 By:
Kate Middleton Shows Off Growing Baby Bump
Image By: wenn.com

It’s official: Kate Middleton is still pregnant.

The Duchess and her growing baby bump made their latest appearance Tuesday morning. It was the first time we’ve seen her since her Carribean babymoon, so hardcore Kate fiends can finally get their daily fix.

All eyes were on the 31-year-old charmer and her slowly budding baby bump, which barely protruded a couple inches, if that.

Kate wore a very motherly ensemble: a gray MaxMara Studio dress and a pair of pearl earrings.

“She looked really relaxed and rested after her break,” writer Judy Wade told People. “She could have worn a coat, but she looked happy to show off her bump."

During the sighting, the Duchess visited a treatment center ran by Action on Addiction, a family-based organization that Kate has recently been associated with.

Mothers or mothers-to-be in the facility were able to relate to Kate, thanking her for her visit by offering up support as she preps for her first child. The patients recalled the scene: 

“I asked her if she was nervous about having a child, and she said it would unnatural if she wasn't. It's just human, isn't it?” one woman relayed.

Another added “She was saying she had been feeling unwell but was feeling better now.”