Kate Middleton Returns Kim Kardashian Clothing Gift

November 19, 2012 By:
Kate Middleton Returns Kim Kardashian Clothing Gift

In the latest ladder rung of Kim Kardashian’s social climbing quest towards world domination, the reality TV star has her sights set on U.K. royalty.

It all started last week when Kim supposedly suggested (with her fingers crossed behind her backside) that she and Kate Middleton have some tea, half a gluten-free crumpet, and indulge in girl talk.

Apparently, Kim thinks that just because Kate was snapped privately going topless, they have a lot in common or something. So wrapped in a package of pop culture terrorism, according to Marie Claire UK, Kim sent the Duchess of Cambridge some sample clothing from her Kardashian Kollection (bless her), which the princess decided to return to sender. Guess that tea date isn’t going to happen either!

While a spokesperson from St. James’s Palace wouldn’t tell Hollyscoop whether or not an individual delivery was made (against protocol), we were told that: “In general terms the policy of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is not to accept any unsolicited gifts, unless the sender is known personally to Their Royal Highnesses.”

That’s the official response, but even without that policy in place, it’s hard to believe fashion darling Kate would wear a bandage dress when she has every Jenny Packham in the archives to choose from anyway. She has accepted clothing from Victoria Beckman, but then again they do know each other personally (they chilled at Wimbledon that one time) and solicits style advice from Posh here and there.

We’re gonna have to get Regina George on Kim here and just tell her to stop trying to make this friendship with the princess materialize. Stop trying to match fetch happen, Kimmy. It’s not going to happen.