Kate Middleton Pregnancy Rumors Continue

November 7, 2011 By:
Kate Middleton Pregnancy Rumors Continue

Kate Middleton is keeping those pregnancy rumors going. First, she didn't eat peanut glue, and now, she touched her stomach a lot. So you know, this baby is pretty much on the way.

Witnesses from the UNICEF center Kate visited last week are now saying she wouldn't stop holding on to her stomach.

"It was very odd," an onlooker said. "Kate would not stop touching her tummy-it was very noticeable. She continually patted it and held her hands against it. She must have been doing it without realizing, and at one point she had both her hands cradling her stomach."

There's a chance she could've had some bad bangers and mash for breakfast, but there's a chance there might be a baby in that royal belly, too. Back in November, Prince William spoke about their desire to start a family.

"I think we'll take it one step in the time," William said. "We'll sort of get over the marriage thing first, then look at the kids. But obviously, we want a family."

Also adding fuel to the fire is the fact that the Palace hasn't been refuting any of the rumors. In fact, according to The Sun, the Palace even "went out of their way to stress that [Kate] has no nut allergy whatsoever."

And, coincidentally, the Commonwealth just changed their laws to allow the firstborn daughter to ascend the throne even if she has younger brothers. Prime Minister David Cameron said:

"The idea that a younger son should become monarch instead of an elder daughter simply because he's a man, or that a future monarch can marry someone of any faith except a Catholic -- this way of thinking is at odds with the modern countries that we've all become."

I'm not saying that they made all the countries of the Commonwealth get together about this just because Kate Middleton is indeed pregnant. But if she is, that's some pretty good timing.

Speaking of keeping things under wraps, Alexander McQueen's creative director, Sarah Burton, is dishing some details on how she kept Kate Middleton's famous wedding dress so secretive. Burton told Vogue:

"It was so great to actually keep a secret, especially in this day in age when everyone talks about everything."

Burton kept her royal duty so secret, not even her parents knew she was working on the dress. The only people that knew were Burton's "core team."

"Because my core team knew, it was okay for me to disappear and come back, then disappear again," Burton said. " But I remember other people asking me, 'Are you coming in on Friday?' And I'd say, 'Oh, yeah, see you in the morning.' I'd be scheduling meetings knowing full well I wasn't going to be there for them."