Kate Middleton's Baby Bump Grew Overnight

February 21, 2013 By:
Kate Middleton's Baby Bump Grew Overnight
Image By: Getty Images

Kate Middleton showed off her baby bump yesterday during a Royal outing in London. However, her baby bump didn’t really make us gawk. It was kind of just like she ate too much and wore an unflattering dress.

We were hoping for a Jessica Simpson-sized-bump. You know, give us something!

And then Kate sat down in a chair and was like, “voilà, I’m basically four months pregnant.”

The Duchess seems to be one of those miracle pregnant ladies who doesn’t seem to gain weight anywhere except the actual baby.

Kate was making an appearance at an addiction clinic called Action on Addiction and reportedly told the ladies at the center that she was “nervous” about being pregnant, saying “it would be unnatural if [I] wasn’t. It’s just human, isn’t it?”

Oh Kate, she’s JUST like us!

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