Kate Middleton Invites Pub Owner to Royal Wedding

February 22, 2011 By:
Kate Middleton Invites Pub Owner to Royal Wedding

John Haley just became the most popular guy in Bucklebury. John, who you ask? John runs quaint village pub the Old Boot Inn near Bucklebury, Berkshire, where Kate Middleton grew up and he just scored an invite to the royal wedding!

“It’s a great honor,” said John. “They are a lovely normal family, and I’m very happy for Kate. I don’t know what I’ll wear though or what I’ll get them as a present.

What do you wear to the royal wedding when you're used to hanging out in jeans all day? And the present? He'll have to take a loan out to buy them something decent--I mean...they're the royal couple!

He added, “I’ll be back here in the evening and we’ll have our own party. We’re used to seeing Kate in the pub. The first time she and William came in it was nerve-racking but you soon realize they’re just a normal couple.”

So the pub landlord gets an invite but Sarah Ferguson gets snubbed? Sounds fair enough...